sâmbătă, 16 aprilie 2011

Retezat National Park- Trip report

Another amazing trip: Retezat National Park, december 2009.

We camped at Pietrele's lodge, and for 4 days we crossed the mountain's paths.

Retazat is the oldest Romanian national park, it was established in 1935 and it has the highest number of mountain peaks over 2,000m in Romania (over 20) and more than 80 glacial lakes.

We thought we had reached the Peleaga's Peak, which is the  highest one in the Retezat Mountain (2,509 m), but we were wrong due to fog and blizzard...

We also tried to climb the Retezat peak...

In Retezat mountains you can find the largest glacial lake in Romania, Bucura with a surface of 8.8 ha. And also, you can camp here, at Bucura's shelter.

Another big one is Gales Lake.

Again, all the roads lead home...
And the train was full of crazy people...

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Photographer: me

Models: Pasi Marunti.
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