marți, 20 octombrie 2009

Nails ...

Nine Inch Nails vs Bauhaus - Hurt

       It's 12a.m and I've got no sleep, I'm full of energy, I have no peace, don't care and I don't know the right reason. But is okay, is normal, I think. I'm trying to find an explanation for my insomnia, for my nights full of..everything but sleep. Usually this things come with something that bothers, thoughts, hard feelings, problems or fears. Well, I quite don't have major stuff to complain about, or at least I'm trying not to. But something's bothering me, and while i was reflecting on my humble condition, i figured out that i need to follow the principle: One NAIL drives out another (in ro: " Cui pe cui se scoate"). Well i used to do that when i was playing volleyball and b'ball, but from spiritual point of view is different, I'm expecting that nail from January... Well it seems that nail is very blunt and rusty, and that's the reason why i couldn't drive out the old one...or maybe my project is too complex, and the usual nails aren't adequate for my expectations. I'm sick of handling wrong nails, to put them into a project, and after a couple of days/months/years to find that are wrong, hell yaah, and my project to became a ruin, filled with wasted materials.
     It's very difficult to find something strong, good, sharp, made from the finest steel, usually those are very expensive or rarely, or taken by other worker for another project, that don't quite deserve that nail.
     Still searching....

6 comentarii:

  1. gata? nu mai stim romana? trebuie sa vorbim engleza ca deh, suntem blog cu deschidere internationala...(e valabil si pentru celelalte)

  2. Ah....bah carcotasule mic, te jumul! Unele poze le descriu si in engleza pentru ca asa sunt/vor fi postate pe dreamstime, iar motivul pentru care m-am hotarat sa le scriu in engloeza e unul f simplu: imi tb pentru exam gen toefl....

  3. fumeaz-o pe maria ioana si scapi de insomnii ;)

  4. bah ai rade, dar nu-si face efectul...if i wanna be sedate, i eat chocolate... prietenii stiu de ce:)) :)), dar bun pontul:)) :)) merci


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