duminică, 30 mai 2010

ode to my state of...

Sunday, sunday afternoon...
I'm sitting in my room, staring at the window...I feel hyperactive but something is dragging me away from running wild, maybe that lousy project, maybe something else.
I rather do anything else than study.

Happy, happiness feeling...
But flavored with spicy sadness, as usual...I hate myself for that, i think i think too much, i'm dreaming too much...I hate myself for being a dreamer... Happiness provider...lost and found, and again lost...and again found.

Rain, rainy evening....
Hope so... Like yesterday, i hope it will rain again, and again....

Searching in the old corners of my life, finding pieces of my soul poured into pictures, old and new, with people that i know, that i loved or... Just memories, memories for the present, past, future...i feel dead-alive.

Wish you were here....

I dig my toes into the sand
The ocean looks like a thousand diamonds
Strewn across a blue blanket
I lean against the wind
Pretend that I am weightless
And in this moment I am happy...happy
I lay my head onto the sand
The sky resembles a back lit canopy
With holes punched in it
I'm counting UFOs
I signal them with my lighter
And in this moment I am happy...happy
wish you were here....

Very old pics...taken faraway from here...faraway from..
*all rights reserved
Photographer: me

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