vineri, 24 decembrie 2010

My Christmas wishlist....

Urma - Wishlist

Letter to Santa,

      Dear Santa is been a while since i have been thinking about you...
     What i wish for this Christmas, besides Canon stuff like 16-35mm and studio lights, is peace, a lot of peace, love. And this time I want it for real, not a simple twist of faith, that caused me a little mind blowing...
      Next year I want to spend more time with my friends, to feel their love and, also I wish all the best for them. So...more and more mountain trips, climbing stuff and parties.
     Have I mentioned about the Canon stuff?? Oh, please, do not forget about one of the most important things in my life: inspiration. My biggest dream is to became a verrrrrrryyyy goooood photographer, so please, please give me more inspiration, and good luck :D, because it is the only thing that makes me happy...besides love.
     The other stuff that i want:

a little room for you and me
a better way for me to be
the silver ring on my left hand
a child to give a bit of sense

a little rush to warm the blood
some piece of mind for me to hold
a day of rest to cool the brakes
a meaning for my damn mistakes's taking too long
and it's taking me all
it's taking too much...
so i blame...lack of touch
the touch of my best friend

a silent nest to hear myself
on way to love my gods again
your smile to keep the trouble out
a friend to reach when i am down

a dear mother waiting home
the coffee flavor, down the hall
few simple words "you're great
you bring me joy with all you make.."

well... it's taking too long
guess we're dreaming alone
and it's taking too much
so i blame... lack of touch...
the touch of my best friend

     So...Dear Santa, please don't forget about me, because I was a good child...Til next year, warm hugs!

With love, Valky Nyah Nyah

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