sâmbătă, 12 martie 2011

Malaiesti Lodge, Bucegi Mountains

It's been a while since i wrote a RT (also called trip report). So, for this year, I will start with my birthday party ( along with my friends from Anotimpul5: Alex, George, Azrael), held at Malaiesti lodge, from Bucegi Mountains.
I originally wanted to stay home, because I felt ill and tired... But, what the fuck, once per year is my birthday...
So, we left the city earlier than others, and traveled by car.
About 9 we arrived at Gura Diham Lodge and we prepared for the trail...

The weather was more than fain...

And we stopped for an hour at Diham Lodge, where we found, besides tea, the cute, lazy and fluffy doggy:

At noon we left the lodge. I was sooo moodless, I wanted to sleep on the trail, because from that point to Malaiesti, we had about 4h to walk, in the woods...BOOORING :))

Finally we arrived. I was soo tired, but I couldn't sleep, because it was damn cold in the lodge... Night was quite short, we went to sleep at 1am :D, theoretically...

*All rights reserved
Photographer: me
Model: Sandu

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  1. permiti un sfat? pune un logo, un watermarek ceva pe poze, ca e pacat , sunt viziunile si trairile tale

  2. multumesc mult pentru feedback, de 2 ani tot imi propun sa fac asta :D


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