marți, 29 martie 2011

Parang Mountains - trip report

I will present you one of the wonders of nature... The most funniest Fairytale ever in the mountains written in 2009...

Main characters: A5(Luin, Iamandi, Ana B, Ana, Claudia, Ancuta and me) and Parang Mt.

This beautiful mountains are located in Southern Carpathians and they are one of the highest mountain ridges in Romania and Southern Carpathians, with its highest peak Parângu Mare reaching 2,519 m.

 The Parang Mountains also boast over 22 major glacier lakes and over 20 smaller lakes and ponds. and a well-developed network of marked trails.

Just because it rained all day...

What bored people do...

After two days we headed to Refugiul Agatat (eng. Hooked shelter)...

After all, all roads lead home....

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Photographer: me, Claudia (for the pics: 1,11,15,16) and Luin (for the pics: 13,14)

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  1. Tu vrei sa pleci in state si nu stii sa traduci ref. Agatat1?!?


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