vineri, 5 februarie 2010

Letter to Mah

I am not going to say this twice, so you better listen and listen well…I don’t like you…at all …!!!

in fact i should very much like to say..

In fact, I hate you a great deal because you keep popping into my mind, all the wrong moments … who gives you this right I do not know…for i do not remember having granted you such a privilege… you are in fact invading my privacy, which is a sort of a crime really …so, unless you want me to take legal action, I advise you to stop this at once…

I also want you to know I do not appreciate the fact all these other feelings, hopes and expectations that come along with you, disturbing my mood and all…it is indeed too much…what do you expect me to do: welcome them all, as if I were a summer resort or something…

I refuse to acknowledge and always think the other way around…and yet, in a rather unexplainable manner, you happen to be in my thoughts, more often than I believe you deserve to be…My point being, get some essence or get lost! Get it!

Anyways, what I am saying is that, given the circumstances, your conduct is outrageous… I don’t know you nor do I want to… so, please consider my disapproval and reconsider your actions… there is a lot of risk in what you’re doing … which you are not even aware of, perhaps… but I am… since I am more at risk than you are, I am sure – you see, i am of a rather dreamy disposition – in case you wondered.

I am thus writing in order for you to become acquainted with these feelings of mine… and mind your own business… if you will?!!!!

Yours faithfully,


*All rigts reserved to Baldabacutz

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