sâmbătă, 7 ianuarie 2012

Different approach...

Well, because a new year has come, i should get a fresh start.
 For the 2012's resolution i wrote down many thoughts like what i should change, improve, forget about or what to grab, to wish for. But for everything, the small steps are required, if i want to change the world :P...


Because last year i lost so many things, like my friends, my happiness, my self-esteem, i quite lost myself. So, I am not a crybaby, it doesn't define me. 
Thanks to special people in my life, as i promised, i want to change. To become a better person. I'll hide the mirrors in order to reveal the true image of myself.

I always loved Einstein, for his (meta)physical perspective on life - the relativistic principle of causality. As a resultyesterday two of my lovely friends gave me some advice, one verbally and another (even she doesn't know that - it just came perfect with my plans) with: http://www.financiarul.ro/2011/11/19/3-descoperiri-ale-fizicii-cuantice-cu-impact-major-asupra-vietii-noastre/

It's futile to repeat what others said about  the human mind and its powers. As a result, as i promised, everyday I'll keep a "journal" with small good things that made my day cooler, brighter. But I'll keep in mind the following:

Use words that encourage happiness.

Try one new thing every day.

Start spending time with the right people.

Start being honest with yourself about everything.

Start making your own happiness a priority.

Start being yourself, genuinely and proudly.  

Start facing your problems head on.

So starting from today, i'll write down good stuff that made my day brighter:

1. I ate my favorite cookie:chocolate chip brownies

2. I slept for almost 4h -hell of a beauty sleep, it felt so fucking good

3. I cleaned my room - i was drooling at my mountain gear : can't hardly wait to use it

4. I watched a lots of episodes from my favorite TV show - droll at those gorgeous dudes

5. I spoke with my friends.

6. I edited a few pics with my cool models from last year's shootings.

And i feel peace...

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