marți, 10 ianuarie 2012

Monday ... Tuesday...

What can i say? Awesome week start:

1.Super mega cool thing that i did on Monday, for the first time in the last 3-4 months: i played basketball. I can't believe i did that... sweeeet, it was so, but with small pains- my leg is not fully recovered, but honestly now - i think it will never be the same- so, the good part is that i'll start doing my favorite things AGAIN, but with moderation.

2.i ate chocolate :P

3.i've met new people (cute guy also :P)

4.i played basketball :D, oh i've mentioned that :D

But today:

1. i did a new thing in my life: i ate seafood: mussels - quite good with a Chinese food mix :P

2.Also, for the first time this year: icecreeeeaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmm

3.Today I socialized in the new Jeg, with my curly friend- wonderful time spent together :P

4.i stared at the cute guy...just stared :))

5.i used my creativity :D

6. I finished reading a book written by my favorite author - more to come

7.felt good - overall

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