vineri, 13 ianuarie 2012


middle of the week:
1. we are making baby steps
2. went to the doctor - the signs are good, hoping for the best
3. i laugh a lot

1. thanks god for my friends
2. i learned new stuffy for my work
3. i played basketball with my lovely guys
4. one of them triggered a nasty reply to the world inside my little head - see the letter attached below

Dear you, yah, you over there!!!

I want to ask you why? Why your mind is so complex that you enjoy picking stockish dolls. Because my simple mind is amazed. I just cannot stop staring and wondering how all you look alike. I mean, on everyone's neck it is an invisible tattoo with the serial number from the stock where you just popped. Isn't just sooo awesome, to wear same clothes like the others, to spent more than half a day looking in a mirror and to dream only at fashion and fancy clubs, to live in world with look-oriented perspective? isn't just cool to see your girlfriend/boyfriend in every person in the streets?

I am asking all of this questions because i think your life is so amazing, so...entertaining, with a lots of stories to tell.
Looking back at my life, from the haute couture collection of the creator, i realize that mine, in comparison with yours, is soo boring. it's so meaningless not to spent more than an hour per day in front of a mirror, not to go an the mall everyday, not to go in fancy clubs every weekend, not to spend all of my money on clothes.
I mean, going to mountains,snowboarding, playing bball/voleyball, taking pictures, meeting people same as dull as you are, listening to quality music, talking about philosophy, reading books, having more than an ear-ring, having a fancy haircut, dressing different than you, acting like a stupid child when love is involved in equation, acting crazy sometimes, must be so boring. I really do not wish to have such an amazing life like yours, because my simple mind and soul, my fluffiness also is not able to stand for what you have.

But i forgot the reason for your happiness and for judging people like me. Usually, the human nature is sooo lazy that is always running for the simple things. I mean, a doll like me cannot be handled that easy. So, i dare you not to pick haute-couture dolls (guys/girls) like me. you may risk an extremely boring life like ours and your amazing and complex one would be ruined if you get involved with an awesome, beautiful, sexy, smart and not giving a fuck anymore doll.

From an humble, boring and narrow-minded person!

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