joi, 3 decembrie 2009

Change in the house of files

Deftones - Change (in the house of files)

I watch you change... It's amazing how things can evolve from one second to other, from one day to another one. I left home for almost 5 days, but it seems that i was gone for an eternity. My life changed kinda dramatically, yesterday i've build my future instantly, i resigned myself and i got and still get use with the idea of leaving, leaving somewehere where my soul will be killed, and my life will be extremely boring. I also figured out, that i choosed the wrong path, i like giving arguments, analize people, finding solutions for problems. In those 5 days away from what we call city life, i've been experienced a lot of stuff, as friendship, danger, instant happiness and instant sadness.

But this is not the main reason for writing those shitty stuff, what i wanted to say is that everything that you've build in one year, or more (in a lifetime) can be ruined in just one second, or with a few words. Regarding those stuff, i'm quite happy that my personality and my path to growing is well determined, and i've accumulate  a lot of experience, more than one person can in 40 years of life, but i'm sad that the environment is a dark and sad one.

Now i can say that i'm ready to defend myself in the cause called life.

On the other hand, someone's life channged dramatically good. All the bad things turn out to good things, all the sadness, loneliness, fury and dissapoiment were a preamble to a major thing, called love, motivation, happiness. Like Coelho said: The entire universe conspires for you, when you really want something, this special person had the chance to feel, to be a major part of the universe's motion. She teached me something vey nice, i hope i can make her be proud of me.

Have you ever thought how destiny can turn at 180 degrees from his usual flow in a very short period of time? I sense a major change in my life, a change in the house of files... Should i be happy or sad?

I watched a change,
In you,
It's like you never,
Had wings,
Now you feel so alive,
I've watched you change.


2 comentarii:

  1. i wonder if someone else (except me) has read this blog...
    anyway, it isn't so bad...
    i can't believe you quoted coelhio! what were you thinking?! :))
    (o dau si eu pe engleza! sac! sac!)

  2. Sfanta taiere cu lama... ce pula mea, ma?!


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