vineri, 4 decembrie 2009

wine bottle's lectures

Evanescence - Solitude

Today i felt the need to drink, i brought myself a good red wine. I was just walking on the streets full of hasty people, walking like depraved robots of the also called city, and i felt so lonely, a 1000 of thoughts passed my humble mind, killing my soul...

I'm an spectator, a doll who wants to break her chains, to escape from this place that looks so unfamiliar, yet she knows it well. I think i used to belong here but, yet i fell so tattered and torn, why? Something is missing from my complete state of my soul, i think peace it is or...?

Now is 12 a.m, i drank the entire bottle of wine, but weirdly, the alcohol didn't like my body and punished me with the nasty feeling of not feeling a thing, nor a dizziness or happiness... nothing. It's kinda annoying when i want to get wasted i quite don't succeed to...hmm.

What makes you happy? Have you ever asked that? Have you ever answered truly and honestly?

I miss that stupid smile on my ugly face, my stupid walk followed by my head in the clouds, and my stupid way of be, but my soul was killed, slowly but surely, someone took the last drop... I WANT IT BACK YOU BLOODY BASTARD, FUCK OFF! ALL OF YOU, ALL OF YOU WHO DRANK FROM MY SOUL!

Give me peace, this is all i want, but hell yah, ain't gonna happen' soon, because the place that usually people enjoy staying, for me is like hell on the earth... But guess what, the place that i call home is faraway from me, and, like all the stuff from this shitty world, the road to them is paved with... money. yes, money. People are born, are getting married and they're dying for a "noble" cause: money, wtf...People are stuck with appearance, if you're not a skinny bitch, kinda slutty/horish then you can go, like: just fuck off!

But one person can't change the world! But does it worth it? What should i do, to stand against: murders,greed, money, evilness ?

I'm turning back where i belong to, to my solitude, and to my sweet bottle of J. Walker... Cheers!

How many times have you told me you love her
As many times as I've wanted to tell you the truth
How long have I stood here beside you
I live through you
You looked through me

Ooh, Solitude,
Still with me is only you
Ooh, Solitude,
I can't stay away from you

How many times have I done this to myself
How long will it take before I see
When will this hole in my heart be mended
Who now is left alone but me

Ooh, Solitude,
Forever me and forever you
Ooh, Solitude,
Only you, only true

Everyone leaves me stranded
Forgotten, abandoned, left behind
I can't stay here another night

Your secret admirer
Who could it be

Ooh, Can't you see
All along it was me
How can you be so blind
As to see right through me

And Ooh, Solitude,
Still with me is only you
Ooh, Solitude,
I can't stay away from you

Ooh, Solitude,
Forever me and forever you
Ooh, Solitude,
Only you, only true

Dedicated to my best friend witch  happens to be my worst enemy: the solitude. Welcome back hun! Me going back to my bottle, i'm going to drink with the ghosts of the past and future, from the glass filled with poison, she's everywhere...

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  1. It's ok Diana, o sa fie bine. Stiu ca poti sa treci peste toate. :* Ai grija de tine mah.


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